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The United States of America was founded on the belief that we are stronger united than divided. Yet, with the unprecedented levels of polarization we are experiencing, lately it feels like there are powerful forces that are dividing us and compromising our American spirit.

We need something to cut through the fog of division and build respect between people of all backgrounds and opinions in order to help us find a more perfect union benefiting all.

YOUNIFY will build upon, aggregate and grow the work that is already happening in pockets all across the country where people are beginning to come together to reach across divides and find common ground.

Coming together across surface differences to achieve solutions and explore new possibilities is a critical part of our DNA as Americans. The YOUNIFY Summit & Festival is a historic gathering for those of us who are ready to heal divisions and build the future together - a national conference, festival and, most importantly, a catalyst for a groundbreaking, large-scale movement for improving our country and communities.

The YOUNIFY Sumit and & Festival is a fully integrated and culturally connected experience. It will include interactive conference programming, a large scale concert and a film festival. Throughout we will integrate film, art, music, civil discourse, best practice sharing, public policy, community organizing training, power-building, networking and relationship building.




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Thousands of people from all over the country including business leaders, philanthropists, entertainers, political leaders, innovators, organizations, community leaders, regular people who want to improve our communities and our country and YOU!


• Catalyze a groundbreaking large scale movement that is inclusive of all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, faith and/or demography.

• Reduce polarization, create solutions for the betterment of communities, the country and ultimately the broader international community.


February 19-23, 2020 at the Salt Palace and Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah.


We will come together in a conference, large-scale concert and film festival to:

• Convene, network, build relationships across lines of difference
• Share best practices, develop skills, aggregate resources
• Connect culture, dialogue and action
• Pursue bold solutions through creative collaboration 





Jul 2019-FEB. 2020

Pre-summit & festival outreach, organizing
and training:

Grass-roots, grass-tops, organizations, state and local governments, business community, faith community, entertainment community.

Feb 20-23 2020


Come together in dialogue and in celebration, develop relationships, exchange best practices, receive training, identify areas for shared action.

FEB 24 2020 - FEb 2022

Movement growth

Dialogue, training, action, annual or semi-annual summits.





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YOUNIFY Summit is a project of the the Salt Lake Civil Network, Inc. a Utah nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation.